Tuesday, May 12, 2009

California Here We Come!

I figured I'd better put a brief update on our lives here (considering the last two blogs weren't really about 'us' per say).

Jay and I are still living our everyday 9-5 (or 10-6 in Jay's case) lives.
This past weekend we spent a good amount of time cleaning up our apartment (because it was driving me nuts!) and grocery shopping.

While we were out and about we also decided to get us a new pet fish (sadly our almost 2-year-old beta, Sprout, bit the dust on Monday last week :( and I missed him). I cried when I came home to find his poor white body laid to rest on the bottom of the bowl. He hadn't been doing too well toward the end as it was.

The new beta isn't nearly as blue as Sprout was, but he sure is pretty. He has a lot of red in his fins on top of the blue. The red reminded me of fire, so I was thinking of naming him Fawkes (after the Phoenix in Harry Potter) before finally deciding on Dante.

In the small tank next to Dante's bowl are some other recent additions to our family purchased at least a month ago. They are: Grog (an African Dwarf water frog), Yoda (a golden snail) and Chewy (another golden snail). I'll be adding pictures later.

Originally Yoda was Sprout's companion, but for the week we were without sprout I put him in with the frog and other snail.
I was planning on putting him back in the fish bowl with our new family addition, but Dante won't let him even emerge from his shell when he's in there, so he might be relocated into the frog tank permanently. Only time will tell (I'm considering putting him back in the fish bowl in the dark so that he has a fighting chance of getting out of his shell and getting a bite to eat before the fish wakes back up).

So... that's the family currently.

On to future plans!

With my birthday coming up this Friday Jay and I decided to give in to the Disney commercials and register my birthday online for a free park pass to Disneyland. This, of course, means we have to get out to California to put it to use on Friday.
Therefore, we will be flying into LAX Thursday morning and staying with my Brother and Sister-in-law (Diego and Mariela). I think we'll be renting a car as well, I'd better give them both a call today to check on that before we get there.
So, in the next few days plan on seeing a TON of photos from our trip!

Other future plans we have in store are starting our family. There's no 'bun in the oven' yet, but there will be one soon (I can't very well be pregnant before going on a bunch of roller coasters in California).
This is the reason I'm getting the apartment cleaned up too. Need to get things ready for another person who'll be living with us (and in our bedroom none-the-less).

Anyway, that's what's going on in our crazy lives lately.
Come back soon to see pictures of our pets and vacation!


James, Stephanie & Kayley said...

You will have a BLAST at Disneyland! We are so jealous!
Can't wait to see the photos!

Melissa said...

Hey, I signed up for Disneyland too! Don't know if I'll actually go yet, but we'll see...

Just a thought - what if you got an online photo album for all your pictures and then instead of posting them all in your blog you can just highlight a few and then add the link to view your web album? That way you don't have to spend a ton of time uploading pictures to your blog and we'll still be able to see them all easily!