Friday, June 24, 2011

I really don't blog much

So yeah... the last time I really said anything about what was going on in my life was back in December.

So... here's to the 6-month update!

I'm still pregnant.
35 weeks + 1 day today.
I'm having constant contractions - every 4 to 5 minutes 'round the clock.
My due date is July 28th - but I doubt I'll make it there.

My husband finished his Master's degree at the University of Utah as of 12/31/2010 and has been "unemployed" ever since.
Right now he's tutoring part time at a local high school. Lucky for us, this tutoring position is steady throughout the summer because of summer school - otherwise we'd be in a financial mess.

As for right now, I am on a Leave of Absence from my place of work. My short term disability should kick in some time this next week. However, when I'm done with short term disability - my job is not guaranteed to still be available. So, I may be looking again come October for work - my doctor wants me on short term 'till October 21st.

Jay is searching for jobs all over the U.S./world right now. Turned in 15 applications today as a matter of fact. But, so far, he's only interviewed with one company and they didn't offer him a position. If/when he gets a full-time offer with an income that we can live on - we'll move to wherever the job is.

I've done some heavy spring cleaning this year to make room for our baby to come.
I set up the cute crib and organized all the baby shower presents too.
We will be having a little girl and will name her Autumn.

It's super surreal to think that I'm going to actually have a kid and be a mom.

I haven't had any wacko cravings with this pregnancy - just green vegetables, same as when I was pregnant with Kayley. Veggies are awesome!

Once I deliver this little girl my mom will be coming out to stay with us for a little while to help out. When she goes back home Jay's mother is planning to do the same. After her visit, my best friend Allison is going to come out for a day.

I've taken a few pictures of the "prep" from Autumn - but haven't uploaded any onto my computer yet so I don't have any to post today, but I'm certain I will in the near future.

(Now I'm adding them in)

So yeah... that's an update on our life for the moment.
I'm sure I'll blog again before another 6 months have passed by. (at least I hope I will anyway...)

Thanks for reading!