Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Little Bunny Foo-Foo

A couple of months after I placed my daughter for adoption I was blessed with a little baby rabbit.
My brother was working for an excavating company, and when digging up someone's backyard for a swimming pool they came accross a rabbit's burrow.
Unfortunately, the parents didn't survive the excavation...
There were two little baby bunnies that did however, but when my brother looked over to where they were the 2nd time... one was missing.
It seems his paternal instincts kicked in because he rescued the one that was remaining (a little girl) and brought her home with him that day.
I've always loved bunnies...
Tilly was so small at first that I had to bottle feed her with formula.
Look how tiny!
Eyes barely open
Sweet little furball
Here she is a bit bigger
happily bouncing around my bed and trying to avoid me catching her
I think she's cute

Ears perked

This is the last picture that I got of her.
She was on solid food by this time and just kept getting bigger (and turning back toward her wild side)
My dog leaning over my bed to get a look at Tilly inside her cage
I took good care of the little thing 'till one day my mom let her out in the garden (that had not been planted that year and was full of weeds) opened the cage and let her "escape" to life in the neighborhood wild.
Hopefully she's still out there today and loving every minute of the great outdoors.
It didn't take more than one day for her to find her way out of the garden and out of the backyard to the surrounding neighborhood.

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Eddie Font, a true story

My mom and I drove out to Utah with my friend Eddie Font (investigator at the time) for October conference.
A plus to the trip is that Jay lived in Salt Lake City, so he palled around with us for conference
Jay, Eddie and I in front of the statue of Christ in the North Visitor Center on Temple Square
Jay and I Looking at the temple
Another shot
Eddie Standing in front of the temple and reflection pool
Jay holding me
We had a really good time at conference, and Eddie was really touched by the spirit there.
He later decided to be baptized in January.
Eddie is a birth father, and his 2 kids were able to come to his baptism.
A very spiritual high for all those involved.

Halloween 2006

Ah my favorite holliday...
You get to get dressed up, act the role of your costume... and people reward you for doing this by giving you....
Me (Mime/Jester), Meagan O'Melveny (The incredible Hulk), Brian Ford (as a woman)
Kimberly (Romero) Jensen (Hospital patient), Dan Jensen (Her Sugar Daddy)
Tyler Knoles
Jamie (Taysom) Sauter
Megan (Kuttler) Gerrard
And again

I remember hating this make-up so much!
(It took about 1 hr. to put it all on)
Oh no! I'm in a box that's shrinking. HELP!
At work as a "Devilish Angel" or "Heavenly Devil"
One of my co-workers & I
(5" stilletos baby!)
Another co-worker of mine

Friends and role models

When I was young, dumb, and pregnant I went to several group therapy sessions at LDS family services.
From this "birth mom" group I made several friends.
One of the best ones is Fran.
She is one awesome lady!
Fran and I out to lunch at Mimi's cafe
Fran and I take 2

I'm so lucky to have had these powerful role models to help me though one of the hardest points in my life. They truly are amazing women!

Diego's wedding 11-18-2006

In November of 2006 my brother, Diego, got married to one beautiful lady.
Her name? Mariela
These are the few snap-shots I took at the day of their wedding.
Diego/Ben was so happy
And Mariela was simply beautiful
Kiss the bride (again and again)
Isn't her dress gorgeous?
I loved her bouquet!
Cassidy was grumpy... but cute

Return with Honor

When Jay and I were still only dating (and he was living out in the doorms at the University of Utah) he would come home about once a month to visit so we could see each other on a regular basis.
On one of these occasions he had a double-reason to come home for a visit.
His little brother Matt was flying home from Scottland where he had just finished serving a full-time mission for our church.
These are the pictures that I took that weekend of Matt and his family and Jay and I.
Matt, straight out of the International Arrivals at DIA
Jay and I (we were up really late the night before... so we were tired)

Mmmmmmmmm..... kissy-face!

Friday, August 15, 2008

Diego's Reception 12-29-2006

A month or so after their wedding my brother and sister-in-law had a reception in Denver at our place.

Unfortunately it snowed about 5 ft. The night before so not many people showed up for it.


My dad borrowed my camera and zipped around in his electric cart snapping photos of everyone.

Me, Jay, Sister Bebe Sami
Brother Bebe & Sister Howell
Sami, Jasen, Stephanie, Cassidy
My mom inbetween the two fountains (punch & chocolate)
Cassidy (cute as ever)
Diego & Mariela
Diego, Sami, Mariela
Sister & Brother Larsen
The table of goodies
Jay & I again

A different sister Larsen

Brother Larsen's head, Sister Howell, Brother Howell, Brother Bebe

Bebes, Brother (Bishop) Larsen standing, Larsen's sitting, Howells
Me & Jay
Mariela, Diego & one of Diegos good friends from back in the day
Mom & Sister Larsen (Bishop's wife)

Digo, Mariela & the Osieczaneks
The Urbans
Christophersons (my in-laws)

Randy Christopherson, Frank Despain, John Roskelly
Lori & Royd Despain

Despite the lack of people we still had a good time conversing with everyone that showed up.