Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Friends & Sports?

Jay and I have a few friends in our ward. In the summer the numbers of the young couples grows and shrinks quite often. However, there are some die-hards (like Jay and I who have been there for over a year) that we kind of pal around with because we all know each other now and we all know that none of us are planning on leaving any time soon.
A particular couple that we are good friends with are Skylar & Nicolette.
These pictures, granted from a while back now, are from when Skylar, Nicolette, Jay and I all went out bowling together.
I actually didn't win (I'm usually better at bowling that most of my friends).
Skylar got the high score on all the games.
Here's a shot of his infamous double thumbs-up Nicolette & Skylar
Jay's lineup
Jay's failure
Eating greasy Chinese food (and a corn dog) from the restaurant inside the alley
Me and Nicolette
And again
I'm glad we have some fun friends here. Anyone who's gotten married in our church knows how awkward the transition from the singles ward back to a family one can be a bit jarring.

Because we'll be here for another 2 years (at least) we're glad to know that we have some die-hards with us to rely on.

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