Thursday, August 14, 2008

Baby # 3

I've always had a high oppinion of my sister, but the fact that she's a trooper through labor and delivery only increases that.

These pictures are from Stephanies 3rd round at this game.

Stephanie, looking fabulous of course! Big ol' grin
Last chance for a picture of the prego belly
Loalyn (my mom) and Stephanie
Mom and Steph again
Welcome to the world Shelby!

The super-mom
Starting to pink up

Hey mom! I can see you! Hi!!
Steph talking to her new baby

The poor thing was so blue in the face from getting bruised

Shelby, me and Steph
Not too long before this I had given birth to my little girl and placed her for adoption.

Stephanie was there for that one, so this time for her it was a little more emotional.

We both cried.


The Pollocks! said...

Now I want another baby girl - way to go!

Mari-eggo said...

Geez, looking at these photos, makes me wanna have kids soon....