Monday, August 4, 2008

Camping with the cousins - July 26th

Last weekend Jay and I got to go to the beach with my uncle, aunt, their kids, some other cousins (and those cousins' kids).
Shaelie borrowed my camera and took pictures for me (I was too busy enjoying myself to be shutter-happy).
This is Gerry (My uncle Glen's friend), Taesha's head, Jerek, Lanette, Glen, and Luanne
Levi (Shaelie's Fiance) and Daedra
Kaela, Sugar (the golden retriever) and Honey (barely)
A sandcastle some of the kids built, a long with the sink-hole mud pit they created
Joseph, my cousin Nathan's kid
Taesha drinking her water
Shaelie again
Shaelie & Levi
Daedra, Jerek, Lanette, Glen's body, Luanne's body
Jerek, Lanette, and some more of Luanne
Taesha with her water again!
Daedra and Glen (putting on more sun screen)
Taesha, Jaeden, Me, Jay
Jaeden, Watermelon, Me, Sandwich, JayJaeden, Watermelon, Me, Sandwich, Jay, Propane stove, Glen

All in all it was a really good time. We had lots of wind and lots of sand, but the sun was great, the food was yummy, and the company was family.

Nothing better than family fun on the beach!

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