Wednesday, August 21, 2013

New year resolution re-cap

I went to a doctor's appointment on Monday for a variety of things (mainly depression related - follow up on medications, etc). At the end of the appointment my doctor informed me what my current BMI was. I honestly hadn't even thought about my BMI since writing my initial 2013 resolutions post in February.

I know I've been loosing weight, and I also know that I am a lot happier with how my jeans have been fitting lately. It wasn't until Monday night that I took a long hard look at myself in the mirror to determine how I currently feel about my body image.
Honestly, I'm quite happy with where I'm at, and where I'm still headed. I like my figure currently.

My current BMI is 25.5
Just .6 above the max for a normal weight category.
I currently weigh 168 lbs.
That's down 13 pounds in almost 6 months.
Not a drastic drop, no, but a healthy one.
I'm just 7 pounds shy of my goal for the year. I'm fairly confident that I'll be able to make it.
Here's hoping that I'm at or below 161 lbs by the end of the year.

As far as the other two goals ($1000 into savings and have a regular schedule)?

The monetary one has been completed and surpassed (a little bit at least), but the schedule still isn't there.

My fight with depression this year has been a tough one for me. I've adjusted the medication that I'm on with my doctor twice now, as well as added a medication into my regimen to augment the antidepressant.
I'm actually finally feeling like I'm leveling out.

I spent the last two weeks on vacation with my close friends, and family, and that seemed to lift my mood.
Aside from lifting my mood a bit, I noticed that while on vacation I didn't really stress about the things I normally do when I travel. I didn't fixate on having everything go the way I wanted it to (as often as I usually do), and in general I just went with the flow of things.

Fairly recently I decided to get involved with throwing a baby shower for a friend of my cousins, as well as heading up the committee for my upcoming 10-year high school reunion.

I'm actually looking forward to the future, not dreading it!
I'm not existing in a world of just day-to-day, I'm actually actively taking a part in planning things (something I wholeheartedly avoid when I am depressed).

I went and visited my three guy friends at two different cemeteries while home in Colorado. I spoke out loud to all of them at their different resting places. I had never truly done that before. It provided me some closure I hadn't truly experienced with any of them before. I spoke to them about our friends, and what I was doing in my life currently. I made specific promises to each of them that I will keep. It was a good day.

I can honestly say that right now I am happy.

I don't believe I've been able to use that word to describe myself for over 3 years now.

It's refreshing to be able to say it again.