Friday, August 31, 2012

The Nesting Phase

I find the beginning of my "nesting phases" to be quite entertaining.

First off, I don't do anything - I "sub-consciously plan" everything.

The sub-consciously planning phase:

This takes up every wavelength of brain power I am not using in my every day life. So I daydream, I actually dream, and I almost hallucinate how things are going to look, smell, be, etc.

Without even actively thinking about it I plan how the kiddo's room is going to look, what outfit I'm going to take the new kiddo home in, what I'll have in my hospital bag, what my fully stocked refrigerator will contain (all prepped ahead of time of course) once I get home from the hospital, etc.

Once this initial phase is complete (meaning my sub-conscious brain has gone through all details enough times to have those things immediately come to mind if/and when I do start planning, the next phase begins.

The overhaul phase:

One morning I will wake up and immediately have to get everything that I possibly can get done, in the shortest amount of time, completed.

This time it started with car shopping. No, I have not purchased a car yet - I thankfully have my husband as a fail safe when it comes to making big purchases. We do know what we want now though, and are a lot closer to getting it.

Today the shift went to the baby's room.
I rearranged the entire thing myself and was about to put the crib linens on when my "do everything that I possibly can get done, in the shortest amount of time" mode took over and I decided to wash all the linens and other laundry in the house before finishing.

So right now I am sitting at my computer listening for when the dryer will ding with another load of laundry for me to fold. I'm also waiting for Autumn to wake up from her nap because the laundry just isn't finished until it's all folded, put away, and the floors have been vacuumed and swept/mopped. But, of course, you can't vacuum with a baby sleeping.
So what does my brain have me do? Jump online and research the heck out of cars via

I also noticed that my sub-conscious is dabbling with the contents of my refrigerator once again (a fact that I am trying to ignore because if I give it conscious thought I will have to immediately pull everything out of the fridge, clean it, and start making various meals, putting them in containers, and labeling them). My fridge is organized right now too... it's just that initial nesting phase trying to take over.

I know the next things that'll happen over the next few days will be me having a bag packed for the hospital (which I will constantly swap things in and out of as I use them), set up the bassinet next to my bed, organize all the kid clothing in the baby's room, and come up with a written meal plan/shopping list for my fridge overhaul.

The sad fact is that I know my brain will not shut off even if/when everything is done.

That darn nesting phase...