Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Home again, home again, jigity-jig!

My sister Stephanie is one of the most amazing women that I know.
Stephanie is a mom of 4 kiddos (well, 5 if you count her step-son) and I was lucky enough to fly home for when she delivered this last one.
One might think that I had incredible timing to be able to fly home for the actual delivery (and not after it) but when it comes to my sister, we schedule those deliveries.
Stephanie and I both are lucky enough to not have long labors and we both dilate and efface really well before we're even in labor... so to ensure that there aren't any problems (like having a cab-ride baby to the hospital) Steph and her doctor both agreed to bring her in and break her water to start the process off right - in the hospital.
I think her longest labor at this point has been just under an hour and a half.
Anyway, these are the pictures from my trip home.
Night before the delivery I dyed my mom's hair Can we say "Alfalfa" ?!
Stephanie texting some people to let them know that the process was under way
A picture of the "happy-mommy-to-be" (this was her first little boy) Jackson Edward Pollock
He's her cutest yet (Jasen's hand)
My other sister, Melissa, and my mom were both there with us for the delivery (as well as Jasen, Stephanie's husband)
This is mom's hand (left) and Melissa's (right)
After helping out at the hospital Melissa and I went to Steph & Jasen's house to get their girls (it was still fairly early in the morning after she delivered), do their hair, feed them a little something and then take them to the hospital.
We waited 'till Shelby had taken her morning nap and eaten lunch to go.

Here's Cassidy & Samantha eating their hot-dog "octopi" that I made them for lunch.
They thought they were really cool.
I gave them noodle eyes, serving mac & cheese as the other portion of lunch.

I had a lot of fun in Denver, but it was a quick trip as I flew home the very next day.

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The Pollocks! said...

awwww - thanks! Awesome post. I'm holding a crying one right now, or I'd comment more! Love you