Tuesday, August 12, 2008

I heart dogs!

I was/am the owner of two little dogs named Daisy and Tinkerbell.
One hot summer day last year I decided to really teach Daisy how to swim as a way of cooling off from the summer heat.
Daisy is afraid of the water, so needless to say she didn't "exactly" enjoy herself.
Mind you, the dates are all wrong on these pictures... not sure why.
I sure had fun though!
Daisy refusing to get into the water again!
Tinkerbell keeping up with me as I walked across the pond.
Daisy dreading another dunking
Daisy avoiding mom's kisses
Tinkerbell getting ready to jump in after Daisy
Tink chasing me back to the other side
And following at my heals

And getting a boost out on the other shore (it was a little difficult for her to get out on her own on that side)
Tinkerbell gladly getting a ride instead of having to swim
Tinkerbell refusing to jump in off her mommy diving board
Still refusing
Daisy being dragged in

Daisy's official swimming lesson

I had to hold her tail up with one hand, and her leash (attached to her harness) in the other because she didn't know how to stay afloat all by herself
Just keep swim'n
Bathtime after the yucky pond
(I thought it was great how Jay caught us both with our tongues sticking out)

Splish splash in the bath

Licking the water off the edge of the sink
Daisy (all clean)

Happy smiling Daisy
Isn't she such a cute little sausage?!
Jay (dodging behind the door frame to avoid the camera)
Tinkerbell all squeeky clean

Clean, but tired doggies

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The Pollocks! said...

Awww - don't they look cute! I'll bet they miss you! The girls sure enjoy seeing them when we go to grandma and grandpa's though!