Tuesday, August 5, 2008

1st Anniversary

It's been just over a year now since Jay and I got married.
So what did we do to celebrate?!
We had a 2nd honeymoon!
We drove up to Lava Hot Springs, Idaho and spent a couple nights at a small hotel with mineral bath water tubs. It was awesome!On the drive (both ways) we stopped at Burger Kind and crowned each other (or should I say tried to steal the crown from each other).
The morning of our anniversary we had brunch at a cafe down the street.
I actually did myself up a bit (I usually don't wear makeup) because we planned to take some candid shots of each other later on in the day.

And here are those candid shots!
I wasn't exactly surprised to find that my dress was a little snug, but where it was snug was a little surprising.
We had recently bought Jay a new suit so he dressed up too.
Me by the stream in town (people in inner tubes kept whizzing by and asking "hey, did you guys just get married?!")
Our response: "Yep, a year ago!"
That was usually followed by a puzzling look from the people on the tubes, and laughter from us.

I still looked pretty in the dress don't you think?!

Not too bad for me being the photographer

I love my dress!

Just us being goofballs!

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Seer Divad said...

Lava Hot Springs is AWSOME!!!! It's a nice palce to go and get away for a weekend. Hope that you two had as much fun as Becky and I do... If you know what I mean!!! hint hint =0)