Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Little Bunny Foo-Foo

A couple of months after I placed my daughter for adoption I was blessed with a little baby rabbit.
My brother was working for an excavating company, and when digging up someone's backyard for a swimming pool they came accross a rabbit's burrow.
Unfortunately, the parents didn't survive the excavation...
There were two little baby bunnies that did however, but when my brother looked over to where they were the 2nd time... one was missing.
It seems his paternal instincts kicked in because he rescued the one that was remaining (a little girl) and brought her home with him that day.
I've always loved bunnies...
Tilly was so small at first that I had to bottle feed her with formula.
Look how tiny!
Eyes barely open
Sweet little furball
Here she is a bit bigger
happily bouncing around my bed and trying to avoid me catching her
I think she's cute

Ears perked

This is the last picture that I got of her.
She was on solid food by this time and just kept getting bigger (and turning back toward her wild side)
My dog leaning over my bed to get a look at Tilly inside her cage
I took good care of the little thing 'till one day my mom let her out in the garden (that had not been planted that year and was full of weeds) opened the cage and let her "escape" to life in the neighborhood wild.
Hopefully she's still out there today and loving every minute of the great outdoors.
It didn't take more than one day for her to find her way out of the garden and out of the backyard to the surrounding neighborhood.

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