Monday, August 4, 2008

The Empress Theatre

Recently I have become involved with the Empress Theatre in Magna, UT.

I am participating in Seusical, the Dr. Seus Musical there in my role as a "bird girl."

I'm having lots of fun with the actors there as well as the crew.

I will be posting various pictures and blogs in the future about how the show is going and how the costumes are turning out (I've lent a lot of costumes to the theatre for the bird girl cast).

Below are some people I've met a long the way:

Shawn (Dance choreographer) Thomas Gasu (Cat in the Hat) ? (one of Gasu's daugters - she's a Who) & ? (She's playing Jo-Jo, the mayor of Who's son)

? (Mrs. Mayor of Who) Jennifer Pierce (Cindy-Lou-Who)

? (Another Gasu daughter)Me & Spencer (Cadette, Who & Wikersham Brother)

This is Erik Mortgos, he and his wife Michelle (Shelly) are great friends of Jay and I in our ward. Erik is the music director for the show and is responsible for my involvement in it.
This picture was taken at thier apartment when his wife ballanced a memory foam pillow on his head making him look like Marge Simpson.
Way to go Shelly!
I promise I'll update all the names later, I just didn't have the cast list in front of me today.

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