Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Halloween 2006

Ah my favorite holliday...
You get to get dressed up, act the role of your costume... and people reward you for doing this by giving you....
Me (Mime/Jester), Meagan O'Melveny (The incredible Hulk), Brian Ford (as a woman)
Kimberly (Romero) Jensen (Hospital patient), Dan Jensen (Her Sugar Daddy)
Tyler Knoles
Jamie (Taysom) Sauter
Megan (Kuttler) Gerrard
And again

I remember hating this make-up so much!
(It took about 1 hr. to put it all on)
Oh no! I'm in a box that's shrinking. HELP!
At work as a "Devilish Angel" or "Heavenly Devil"
One of my co-workers & I
(5" stilletos baby!)
Another co-worker of mine

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Gerrards said...

Krystin, it's so nice to see your blog, how cute it is. I can't believe you have a picture of my cowgirl halloween, how funny. You can check out Justin and I at http://justinandmeagangerrard.blogspot.com/ I love you!