Monday, August 4, 2008

My Best Friend's Wedding

My best friend and I were trying to decide what officially makes you an adult just after I got married because, after all, getting married is a big part of "growing up."

Well, we never decided because honestly, Liz and I will never be adults!!

Well, this summer my little Liz-but decided to get herself hitched to the love of her life, Jared Wertz.

Here are all the pictures I took from the event.

It all started with close friends waiting for the ceremony to start.

The red-head is Habby, the other gal is Chelsea

Chesea actually smiling!Jimmy (Liz's brother and my other best friend)seating his gradmother


The best man, Blake Wertz (Jared's brother)
Jimmy and his mom
The place
Jared waiting in anticipation

Jimmy and Andrea Blake (Best Man) & his sister Jennifer (Maid of honor)
Liz being led down the isle by her daddy
This one is my favorite picture of Liz!

That's Jared's mom lighting the candles
Reciting scripture (and Jimmy trying to stay serious through that part)
Lighting the unity candle

They were so cute up there the whole time!
Awwww (Liz putting Jared's ring on)
Isn't she gorgeous?!

And skinny?!


Liz laughing about something the pastor said

Their wedding kiss (I swear I got the best shot ever for this one)
My favorite of the brand-new Mr. & Mrs!

The reception immediately following

Yay for cake!

Liz taking a bow after stumbling on her dress

They looked like Cinderella & Prince Charming

Liz and her dad (Jim) danced to Butterfly Kisses
(I bawled through it)

Jared shooting the garter
The groomsman who caught the garter got to put it on the lady who caught the boquet

Jimmy, just out of his "monkey suit"
And here we go... off to the honeymoon!
Chelsea again (saying goodbye)

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