Thursday, August 14, 2008

Happy Birthday Cassidy & Sami!

Two of my nieces (Sami & Cassidy) were born pretty close to one another.
Cassidy's birthday is April 22 and Sami's is May 1.
Because their birthdays were so close to one another my sister Stephanie decided to throw them a joint family birthday party.
We had fun going over for cupcakes, singing to them and of course spoiling them rotten with presents!
Sami blowing out her candle
Me and Cassidy
My mom and my other niece Shelby
Cassidy & Sami opening the presents I got them
Ripping and tearing it up!
Stephanie was blessed to have an important phone call just at that moment
Cassidy standing on the counter
My mommy & shelby (trying so hard to stay awake)
Sami opening another present, and Cassidy sitting down to enjoy her cupcake
Yay for sidewalk chalk!!
Stephanie (their mom) got them both a couple bags of skittles and a pair of sun glasses

More chalk! This time with a chalk-holder

Grandma (my mom) got them matching gators
Sami was super excited about her pink & purple shoes!
And sunglasses
I love my little nieces! They are so freaking adorable!

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The Pollocks! said...

Those last 2 photos of Sami are awesome! Cheeser!