Thursday, August 7, 2008

Summer Time

Ahh the early days of summer.
Where Jay and I live there is a park just up the street.
The great outdoors are fun in themself, but nothing beats being out on a nice manicured lawn barefoot (and you really can't get that anywhere but your own lawn or in a park)!
Jay's brother Matt and his girlfriend Michelle stopped by our place so that we could take them to the air port to fly to Denver. They didn't feel like paying for parking, and considering we're only a 20 min drive from the air port (at maximum) it worked out rather well.
During the afternoon before we took them to the air port we all went up to the park and just hung out for a while.
Matt & Michelle Michelle
Tinkerbell (a little damp from swimming in the pond)
Daisy staying far away from me in Matt's lap
(She didn't want to get thrown in the pond)
Jay doesn't like smiling for pictures usually
The cute couple
(They will be engaged eventually)
This one has Matt actually smiling in it
The "serious" look

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