Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Bridal Shower/B-day party 05-15-2007

I decided to have my bridal shower on my birthday.

I can't remember ever having a big party on my birthday besides when I turned 14 and 16.

This is My sister Stephanie and her brand-new baby Shelby
I'm in the background with some other girls and my mom's friend Helen is holding ShelbyKimberly (Romero) Jensen - has a baby girl now, Crystal (Woodruff) Osieczanek - is expecting now, Darien Peoples, Me
All of us again
The ladies enjoying themselves in Stephanie Persson's home
Front Row: Kimberly, Crystal, Helen
Back Row: Barb Anderson, Not sure, Stephanie Persson
Heidi's Grandma, Heidi (Brison) Karchner, Me
Trish Zenger, Valynn Christopherson (my mother-in-law), Patrice Dunn
Me opening presents

The theme was "their first"

Everybody got a "first" assigned to them to represent in a gift...

For instance:

Their first barbeque

Their first Easter

Their first Carwash... etc.

All the ladies that came
Barb Anderson, Heidi's Grandma, Heidi, Virginia Brison, Holly Brison, Carol Caldwell (my aunt), Helen Peoples, Kathy Puter, Patrice Dunn, Me, Kimberly, Crystal, Valynn, Stephanie Persson, Darien Another shot
This one has my mom in it between Valynn & Darien

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Mari-eggo said...

NOOOO i actually hate the beard, he's going to write a blog about it soon, he has plenty of pictures of the beard and the different styles he wore it while we were in Hawaii!