Tuesday, September 2, 2008

I was tagged!

Where were you 10 years ago?
Ten years ago I had just started my 7th grade year at Summit Ridge Middle School and man was I a tiny little thing! My favorite movie at that time was Clueless. Allison Hadley quickly became my best friend. I was getting used to having a locker and haveing classes in different classrooms every "period." This was the first year I had to ride the bus to school. One word explains that: akward! I had to get up early and wait for the bus. I think I only missed the bus twice the whole year though. Although, I do remember running to get on it a time or two. My favorite class was keyboarding. My favorite teacher was the guy math teacher. All the girls in my class thought he was cute. I was a TA in the front office and got to sort all the school's mail and answer the phone.
Five things on today's to-do list?
1. Survive work 2. Set up equipment in the JSMB for enrichment tonight 3. Put things away that are still in boxes in the living room from my move 4. Fill the gas tank 5. Go to bed on time
A Snack I enjoy:
Fruit smiles. (A fruit snack at wal mart for about $1.50/box = 20 pouches)
Things I would do if I were a millionaire:
I'm assuming more than $1 million in this budget:
Take a trip to Scottland with my hubby, buy/build a small cozy house with land, set up a college fund for my daughter, buy a convertable, quit my job & buy my own medical insurance, find out the age minimum to serve a full-time mission with my husband and do so, build and maintain a youth center, learn to pilot/fly, add an air strip to my plot of land, run for an important political office, travel to a few more places, spit out a bunch of kids, happily retire.
Places I have lived:
According to my current credit report: (it's accurate)
Littleton, Colorado, Ft. Collins, Colorado, Salt Lake City, Utah.
Now I tag...
James, Stephanie & Kayley Buckner

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James, Stephanie & Kayley said...

Thanks! I've always wanted to be tagged... I've updated the tag on my blog!

Your blog is coming along great!