Friday, November 11, 2011

Home for the Holidays

I can't believe how close Thanksgiving, and even Christmas are getting!

With that thought in mind I figured I would update everyone on what our Holiday plans are shaping up to be...

We're moving to Boise, Idaho!!

Jay, just this week, accepted an offer to work for Micron Technology, Inc.
He will be employed as a full time Dry Etch Engineer.
When they extended the offer they didn't set a start date, but asked how soon we could "get up there."
Jay will be talking to the HR contact tomorrow to give them the date we've decided we could make it by (the 28th of this month... yes only 17 days away), and we'll be turning in a rental application tomorrow with a hold deposit for a 2 bed/1.5 bath townhouse once I make sure it's a ground level entrance so we can move the piano.
Everything is moving so fast!

My to-do list for the next few days includes, but is not limited to:
•Call Autumn's pediatrician and see if she has any recommendations for a good doc in Boise
•Call my doctor & repeat
•Pick up change of address form at Post Office
•Possibly go through some stuff and make a DI donation
•Post stuff online to sell:
couches, sewing machine inside it's own table, coffee table, entertainment center, various odds and ends...
•Call Daisy Maids and get quotes for "moving out" cleaning including carpet cleaning (to ensure we get our renters deposit back)
•Call Questar Gas to give them "turn off" date
•Call Rocky Mountain power & repeat
•Call Comcast & repeat
•Call car repair shop and get price for new headlight (it just barely stopped working... perfect timing)
•Call Insurance company and inform them of move & go over all the changes to our policy that'll make, etc
•Keep being a good mom in the process
•Pack a little bit
•Call moving companies and schedule one to move us (I'm not having us do all our own packing/moving with Jay still working part time 'till we move and me having Autumn to take care of while doing everything else... no way)
•Change address for bank, credit card, hospital billing, etc
•Try not to freak out or slow down during any of this

Yep... I'm going to be crazy busy over the next couple of weeks.

So... for Thanksgiving weekend we'll be moving to our new home.
Yes, we will be moving 'home for the holidays.'
Maybe we'll actually get a T-day meal somewhere... but who knows at this point.

For Christmas?
As soon as Jay has his scheduled nailed down with Micron (and knows what days he'll have off) we'll be buying plane tickets home to Colorado.
On the Christopherson side everyone will be coming home, so we will try to get us into a photo session at the same place we all went 2 years ago before any of the babies were born. It'll be great to have professional pictures of the 3 grand-babies all together in addition to the family.

My little brother will also be coming home for Christmas, so he'll be able to see/meet Autumn for the first time. Yay!

I'm so excited about all of this!
Jay & I have been praying (more like begging) for a long time that he would get a job. It just so happens that he got one just in time (because if he hadn't I would have to go back to work) and a week before his birthday to boot!

Now I have to figure out how we're going to celebrate his b-day this next week... Hmmm, maybe I'll host a "moving away" party for our friends and family?!
Or maybe not... that would just add another HUGE to-do onto my list.

I just hope I have enough energy to get everything done, in a reasonably organized fashion, and without loosing my patience.
I'm stressed out! But, in a good way at least!

Before I know it it'll be 2012!

But for now... happy 11/11/11 everybody!


MandM said...
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MandM said...
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MandM said...

If we're taking pictures. We won't be able to do them until Matt gets there on the 23rd. So we could do them the afternoon or evening of the 23rd or any time on the 24th.

The Pollocks! said...

So much fun! You'll get it all done - oh, and you can change your address on line now! One less stop.