Tuesday, May 8, 2012

New Year Resolutions follow up

So I figured I'd touch base and see where I was with my resolutions so far this year... I'll post all of them as a re-cap followed by a follow up.

1. Be caffeine free. No more caffeinated sodas. Zip. None. Nada.
(so far so good)

Follow up: I broke down in March and had a caffeinated diet coke from a drive-in. And, I'm sad to say that I haven't been able to go back to caffeine free ever since. I guess I'll have to try this one again at some point, but as for this year, it's a bust.

2. Pay off all the hospital bills from last year and money I owe my daddy.
(half complete)

Follow up: Done! :)
Now we just have new Dr's bills and money to save for our upcoming November hospital bills... the cycle never ends.

3. Loose some weight. Even one pound.
(not really a big deal to me - but I am trying to be more active and take walks with Autumn in the stroller during the week)

Follow up: I am more active but, as I've put in this blog previously, I'm pregnant. The weight loss will have to be postponed as for right now I am expected to gain, not loose some poundage.

4. Find a house to rent or purchase.
(I've been looking at local places on my walks that I can get to on foot)

Follow up: Looking at a place later today for sale (it got listed yesterday). Jay and I also are seriously looking for a place to rent as our lease ends on the 25th. We have a go-to for in between if we can't get into a place to rent right away, but it's a last resort. I just hope we find something, and fast, as we would like to be decided on a place to submit an application to by this weekend.

5. Make friends here in Boise.
(Amy Taylor is friend #1, Nickelle Weeks is friend #2 - so far so good)

Follow up: New friend by the name of Katelyn Roos. She and her husband Kevin live just down the street from us and we now have weekly FHE's at their house alternating who prepares the lesson, and who makes a treat. I've also met and made friends with my next door neighbors Janessa and Marshall (although I don't know their last name). She is also expecting and has the same due date as me.

6. Buy a second car.
(I'm assuming this will happen later in the year)

Follow up: Haven't even looked. This really may not happen this year, but probably should considering we'll have 2 car seats to lug around when we go anywhere with both the babies.

7. Re-create our nest egg.
(Looking forward to filing our taxes so that I can put the whole return into savings)

Follow up: Used some of the return to finish paying off bills. Put the rest in savings. We're planning on really saving for the next 6 months or more to really make up a down payment and closing costs (any that we end up having to pay) to buy a house with.

8. Stay in better contact with my immediate family.
(Sent them all Valentines)
Follow up: I think I'm doing ok for the most part. I think the two siblings I'm doing the worst with is Melissa and Ben (although I did mail Ben a Kermit the frog stuffed animal as a belated birthday gift... it got there in March).

9. Take a trip or two.
(Two family reunions planned this year - Christopherson & McConkie)

Follow up: I drove myself and Autumn to Utah to get my taxes prepared there by my trusted CPA. I spent about 4 days there doing so.
Jay and I also went to my Grandpa's 94th birthday party in Heyburn. We spent a couple of days there at a local hotel.
Also, I'm pretty sure I'm going to ask my in-laws if I can travel back to Colorado with them to spend some time at home with my parents (Autumn in tow of course) and then fly back to Boise. I'll probably talk to them about this potential plan tomorrow considering they'll be arriving here on the 12th. That's 4 days away - yikes!

10. Move my dogs to Idaho.
(This will have to happen once we are renting and/or own a house)

Follow up: Since we don't have a house yet this isn't quite a possibility yet. However, I was talking to my mom about the potential for doing so. She, as well as my sister Melissa, thinks that the move would be too hard/traumatic on my oldest dog Tinkerbell. She is both deaf and pretty much blind (cataracts in both eyes) and would probably have a very hard time adjusting to a new home. My mom even said that she's considering putting her down when we're ready to move them here (because she thinks being separated from Daisy would be equally hard on her as moving). I'm not sure how I feel about that potential. Even thinking about it makes me tear up. I really really love my dogs. They're still puppies in my eyes. We'll have to follow up when the reality of moving them (or just Daisy) here gets closer.

So... that looks like 5 out of 10 are successful so far. The first one is a complete failure, and there are 4 to be determined still.

I'll post another follow up later in the year.

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