Saturday, January 5, 2013

The 2012 New Year Resolutions re-cap

Lets go over what my resolutions for the year 2012 were and see if I kept any of them...

1. Be caffeine free. No more caffeinated sodas. Zip. None. Nada.

Result: I broke down in March and had a caffeinated diet coke from a drive-in. And, I'm sad to say that I didn't go back to caffeine free exclusively for the rest of the year. :(

2. Pay off all the hospital bills from last year and money I owe my daddy.

Result: Done! :)
However, We borrowed some money from my daddy again toward the end of the year, so now I have to pay him back again... and we now have new hospital bills to pay from Tori's delivery and NICU stay..

3. Loose some weight. Even one pound.

Result: I gained a lot of weight being pregnant, but then lost a lot after having a baby. I'm at the same weight I was prior to getting pregnant with Tori, and I'm ok with that.

4. Find a house to rent or purchase.

Result: We started renting a duplex in May. It's a two bedroom single level place, but has an attached garage! We finally live in a house! Yay!

5. Make friends here in Boise.

Result: Made a friend by the name of Crystal Edwards this year. She is in my ward. She came over yesterday evening to hang out and play games with just me and the girls while I baked cookies. :)

6. Buy a second car.

Result: Bought a 2011 Kia Sedona mini van. I drive a MAV (Mormon Assault Vehicle) and I love it! :)

7. Re-create our nest egg.

Result: Didn't happen. We'll see how we do on saving this year...

8. Stay in better contact with my immediate family.

Result: Well... I think I did better this past year than the first 4 after I got married. I think the sibling I talk to the least often is still Ben. In order of whom I talk to the least to the most often would be: Ben, Dad, Stephanie, Melissa, Spencer, Mom. Yep. Mom wins as most stayed in touch with.

9. Take a trip or two.

Results: I drove myself and Autumn to Utah to get my taxes prepared there by my trusted CPA. I spent about 4 days there doing so.
Jay and I also went to my Grandpa's 94th birthday party in Heyburn. We spent a couple of days there at a local hotel.
Also, I traveled home with Autumn and my parents in July and flew back in early August.
Drove to Denver again with Autumn in September to see Spencer before he deployed.
And last but not least, flew home with the whole family for a 10-day Christmas holiday.
Good travel year.
Maybe this next year we'll try to get out to Florida and/or California.

10. Move my dogs to Idaho.

Result: We put down Tinkerbell this year. :( So now it's just Daisy living at home with my parents. The non-refundable pet deposit for where we live right now is just too expensive to have her move here yet. But I will move her here as soon as I'm able.

So... percentage wise I was 70% successful in keeping my resolutions in 2012.
I wasn't able to keep 3 of my 10 resolutions due to finances (nest egg & dogs) and lack of willpower (caffeine).

Time to set some realistic resolutions for 2013.