Monday, May 5, 2014

It's time to clean up!

I am a pack rat.

Not in the extreme sense like you see on "hoarders" or similar TV shows. But I've always had a hard time letting go of things or just plain throwing things away.

I remember as a kid that I purposefully memorized the pick-up schedule for the ARC donation truck so that I would "book it" home and ensure my precious "things" didn't get given away. Things like stuffed animals, clothes, toys, etc.
I've always had a hard time letting things go.

However... I'm not at the point in my life that I realize I have too much stuff.
I have boxes that I have not opened in over 2 years (since we moved here from Salt Lake City).
Ones that I truly don't know why I'm holding onto them considering I don't even use or look at their contents, ever.

So... here's what I'm doing to clean up.

I heard about "Idaho's Biggest Garage Sale" while listening to a radio station in April.
The idea intrigued me.

An outdoor flea market/garage sale.
All the advertising for it already exists - you just have to buy a space and set up your stuff.

So now for the fun part - I'm currently de-cluttering my house, closets, and yes, my garage.

I'm going through every single box. Literally.

I'm categorizing the items I'm not keeping into other small boxes by price ($1, $2, $5, $10, $15, $20, etc), and even including "free items" or "name your price."
On Friday, May 16th I will be going to set up my booth space (it cost $30 to reserve) with all of these things - they will be watched overnight by police/security to prevent theft; and will be there all day Saturday, the 17th, selling them off.
What I can't sell there (and honestly think I can't make a buck off of) will be donated to the local DI, Idaho Youth Ranch, or Goodwill.
Everything else will find itself listed on Craigslist.

It's time to clean up!

I'm not moving all this stuff again when we get out of this duplex.
I'm not moving this stuff ever again.

Find me at the garage sale!