Saturday, May 21, 2016

May 20, 2016

So I had a scary evening yesterday...
Jay, the girls, and I all went out to eat together. When I was almost done eating I got hit with a super strong contraction/lower abdominal cramping (felt like I needed to poop).

I excused myself from the table to go use the restroom, getting quite dizzy on my first 10 steps away from the table, but regaining full stamina almost immediately.

I went to the restroom and peed. I still felt the need to poop, but it didn't happen. I remember feeling sweaty all of a sudden and looked down at my insulin pump screen to see if my glucose was suddenly dropping.

I then had a short dream, and came to (after losing consciousness) with my head stuck in the corner of the bathroom walls, but still seated on the toilet.

I realized immediately that I had passed out. I was in a full body sweat at this point (no low blood sugar, by the way).

I re-gained my bearings, washed my hands, and went out of the bathroom (both Autumn and Tori were outside the door waiting to use it, in line behind another young girl).

I walked back to the table with both girls. Once I sat down I told Jay what had happened and that I needed him to take the girls to the restroom while I sat and regained my composure.

Almost instantly after he and the girls left from the table I got hit with another intense contraction and laid down on the bench to help reduce the pain.

The next think I knew/heard was my cute little Asian waitress saying "Are you OK? Are you OK?"

I responded, and slowly sat back up. I told her I had just passed out and that my husband/kids were in the bathroom, I was 28 weeks pregnant, and needed to go to the hospital.

She immediately alerted the staff, informed Jay, and had another gentleman employee (ironically named Charlie) assist her and Jay walk me out to the car.

I called emergency L&D on the way to the hospital to inform them we were coming, etc.

Once at the hospital I did not pass out again. They checked my cervix, did a swab for risk of pre-term labor, a CMP (complete metabolic panel), and urine analysis.

I also threw up there and had diarrhea.

My contractions were every 2-3 minutes upon arrival.

However, after a full bag of fluids, a Zofran (anti-nausea) bolus, and resting for a little over 3 hours the contractions almost completely stopped.

Charlie's heart rate/movement was/is normal. She wasn't stressing at all.

They released me at about 12:45am this morning.

I've been taking it very easy today, and drinking lots of water. But this virus I'm fighting, the GI (gastroenteritis) bug, and dehydration are probably the main cause of last night's scare.

I will not be doing the flea market garage sale tomorrow (Idaho's Largest Garage Sale) and will do my best to keep my activities to a bare minimum to allow myself the rest my body so desperately needs to heal.

I just figured I'd let you all know what's happening in my world... crazy scary stuff.

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