Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Crazy 8's

I've been tagged!

Here goes:

8 TV shows I enjoy watching when I have time and would like to chill:
1. Simpsons
2. 24
3. What Not to Wear (although I don't get cable/satelite)
4. Are You Smarter than a 5th grader?
5. Grey's Anatomy (I haven't been watching since the 3rd season though...)
6. The Price is Right (I miss Bob Barker)
7. King of the Hill
8. Family Guy

8 things that happened yesterday:
1. Got to work @ 6:30am
2. Ate chicken noodle soup for lunch
3. Worked an 11 hour day
4. Made plans to do the laundry when I got home (didn't happen though)
5. Watched the end of a Simpson's episode
6. Helped make macaroni & cheese for dinner
7. Went to my visiting teacher's condo with my husband for FHE/Visiting Teaching with 3 other couples
8. Had a diet rootbeer float

8 things I am looking forward to:
1. Going to the cabin after Christmas with my family!! - Ditto to my sister
2. My first slumber party as a distributor
3. Lunch today - Chicken noodle soup again (it's home-made)
4. Thanksgiving down in Orem with my grandma and 2 aunts, uncles & cousins
5. Having a baby (at some point - still not pregnant don't freak out)
6. Putting up my little Christmas tree with all the cute decorations I bought last year
7. New Years day, day after New Years, and the weekend with my grandparents in Heyburn.
8. Christmas Present Shopping (honestly the only type of shopping I actually enjoy)

8 things I love about fall:
1. The smell of it
2. Indian summer days - ditto to my sister
3. My craftiness kicks in and I make stuff
4. Snow (yes it comes in the fall)
5. Thanksgiving (especially the dark meat Turkey parts of it and the giblets)
6. Having my husband not disagree to the layers of blankets on our bed
7. Hot Chocolate is easier to find in the stores (in multiple flavors)
8. Matching scarves, gloves & hats

8 things on my wish list:
1. Pedicure & Manicure at a high-end salon (not one of those cheap, typically Asian-run places in the mall)
2. A working printer
3. Internet @ home
4. A laptop case of my choosing (I want a hard case, but I don't want it looking like a briefcase - although the functionality of a briefcase would do me well)
5. A white saphire pendant with two stones (pretty much identical to the fake one I lost)
6. Several cute pencil skirts
7. A new winter coat
8. A professional massage

8 people I am tagging:
1. Jay Christopherson
2. James Buckner
3. Stephanie Buckner
4. Meagan Gerrard
5. Justin Gerrard
6. Kenny McLean
7. Loalyn Hellewell
8. Jasen Pollock
(If you don't have a blog and/or a gmail account you could always e-mail me @ KrysinEChristopherson@gmail.com and I'll post yours in my comments)


The Pollocks! said...

=) Fun stuff! I like the hot chocolate one, too! I like your new layout! cute

Gin said...

So......why aren't there 8 things of 8?

Krystin said...

I was wondering that myself when I was putting my answers up. I'm glad somebody else noticed!