Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Houston, TX - The wedding

This past weekend flew past in a blur...
Jay and I flew to Houston, TX on Friday for his little brother Matt's wedding.
We arrived in Houston, picked up our rental car, and immediately got on the highway right in the middle of rush hour (or maybe the highways are always that crowded?).
We found out over the course of our trip that the highways there are almost always busy, but during usual rush hour traffic times they are more than packed!
That's ok though, we rented a Garmin GPS navigation system for in our car so we didn't have to struggle with looking down at a map while driving around. Actually, Jay did all of the driving seeing as I'm not 25 yet and couldn't drive our rental car without paying a super-high price on top of what we were already paying.
Friday night we went out to a barbeque place for the rehearsal dinner, met Michelle's family and had fun in general just hanging out and talking to everyone there.

Saturday morning was the wedding, and it was absolutely beautiful. They were sealed for all time and eternity in the Houston, TX temple. Jay was their best man and Michelle had two of her friends, one of her cousins, and Lindsay (our sister in-law) as her brides maids.

After the ceremony Michelle and Matt both went into the visitor's room where her parents were waiting (Michelle is a convert to the church) and had a beautiful moment filled with tears and hugs all around. It really was a beautiful morning.

The reception that day was at the church where Michelle's parents attend in the heart of the city. They did a short ring ceremony for all her family and friends to be able to witness, and of course, did all the other traditional wedding stuff (with the exception of a garter toss).

We all bid them farewell as they drove off into the sunset (well, actually into rush hour traffic) on their way to Dallas. They are currently on their honeymoon in San Diego, CA visiting Sea World and various other things that the "San Diego City Card" gets them in to for free.

This Friday will be an open house at the Belleview building in Littleton, CO for all of Matt's friends and family to attend. Sadly Jay and I will not be able to go due to my lack of vacation time this year, but we'll see them again at some point. After all, they're in my family!


The Pollocks! said...

Okay, so what is the other cake? Rock climbing or something?? Looks gorgeous!

Krystin said...

Yes, that's Matt on the cake rock climbing. Nesse (the locness monster) is holding the rope. He did serve his mission in Scottland you know.
They stuck with tradition and did a white Bride's cake and a chocolate Groom's cake.