Friday, February 17, 2012

New Year Resolutions

So... I don't blog much, as is evident by how often I actually write one.

Here's the latest in my life and my 2012 New Year Resolutions.

Autumn's first tooth has appeared! She hasn't figured out crawling just yet, but she will get up on her hands and knees and rock.

Jay is really liking his job at Micron - which he started in November of last year. He is a process engineer in the photolathography lab. He was given two free movie passes today at work for doing such a good job over the past week. Date night here we come!

I have days that I find myself kicking my butt into gear and getting a lot of things done. Namely today - I did the dishes, took out the trash, organized the fridge, cleaned the baby room, etc. Then there are other days that I don't do a darn thing. Being a stay at home mom is great. :) I rewarded myself tonight by going out to a game night with some relief society sisters. It was really fun.

Autumn does not like the sound of the vacuum, or any high-pitched sound for that matter. We have an electric pump to inflate her baby tub, but every time I turn it on she bawls. Getting ready to take a bath should not be this dramatic.

I was called to be the Night Relief Society Chairperson in my ward. So I get to plan a once/month night meeting (aka enrichment) for my ward's relief society with a committee. Our first one was on Valentines Day - and no, I did not pick the date for this one. It was fun anyway.

Autumn is going to get a bath - she's overdue.

Jay has to work Saturday's now, so I'll be alone with the baby and chores all day.

I need to cook enough rice for 10 people for the "Friends of Scouting" dinner and auction at my church. I also will be providing shredded carrots for said event. I hope I have another day where I feel motivated to do things because I need to do this and get Autumn and myself over to the church building by 5:30pm - and because we only have one car, I will be walking.

So... for the New Year Resolutions I decided on for myself, they are as follows:
1. Be caffeine free. No more caffeinated sodas. Zip. None. Nada.
(so far so good)

2. Pay off all the hospital bills from last year and money I owe my daddy.
(half complete)

3. Loose some weight. Even one pound.
(not really a big deal to me - but I am trying to be more active and take walks with Autumn in the stroller during the week)

4. Find a house to rent or purchase.
(I've been looking at local places on my walks that I can get to on foot)

5. Make friends here in Boise.
(Amy Taylor is friend #1, Nickelle Weeks is friend #2 - so far so good)

6. Buy a second car.
(I'm assuming this will happen later in the year)

7. Re-create our nest egg.
(Looking forward to filing our taxes so that I can put the whole return into savings)

8. Stay in better contact with my immediate family.
(Sent them all Valentines)

9. Take a trip or two.
(Two family reunions planned this year - Christopherson & McConkie)

10. Move my dogs to Idaho.
(This will have to happen once we are renting and/or own a house)

We'll see how I do... wish me luck!

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. said...

Great list! I'm glad that your days seem to be going more like you'd like them too. I can't believe little Autumn is almost on the move - wowzers!