Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Krystin does headshots!

I've never had professional headshots taken of myself...
I do plan to rectify this at some point in my acting career, but for the here-and-now my little digital camera will just have to do
This one is of me after taking out my self-put-in pin curls
(my hair was so dirty in this picture, but I still let the hubby capture a shot) This is what I usually looked like before taking off my wig and costume
Cheap headshot:
1. Do your hair & makeup
2. Drive to Wal Mart
3. Go to the bathroom assesories isle and hang up a few rugs next to each other on the shelves
(or go to the plastic flowers isle for a more colorful backdrop)
4. Take a ton of pictures (spray & pray)
5. Go to the kodac kiosk back in the photo center @ Wal Mart...
6. Edit, Crop, Print

Clean cavity-free teeth: $57.00
Curls to kill for: $2.00
Professional-looking Headshots: $4.16

Getting the role you actually audition for: Priceless

There are some things that money can't buy... for everything else there's (Chase) MasterCard!

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