Saturday, January 8, 2011

Day 20: Your views on drugs and alcohol.

I'll start, first and foremost, with my view on drugs.

Drugs - a medical necessity.
Controlled substances are necessary for a variety of reasons and there are many people that could not survive without them.

My view is much more stern when it comes to "street drugs" or drugs with a classification DEA code of "1." These drugs are things like cocaine, marijuana, LSD, heroine, meth, etc. These drugs I am completely against their uses for "recreational" or sometimes even medicinal purposes. There is a reason they are considered "street drugs." They are medically unsafe in almost any amount, and their addictive natures make them more of a medical hazard than any type of medicinal purpose they may contain.

Alcohol - for cooking, medicinal, sterilization, and industrial purposes I think it's great.

For use as a beverage... really, you're better off just drinking water. Too much potential for abuse in my mind, and I believe the national drinking age should be raised.
The number of deaths, even weekly, due to alcohol intoxication is staggering - regardless of the "method" a person becomes deceased (driving, etc.).

Basically my view on both drugs and alcohol when it comes to consumption in a recreational method - don't do it, or be 100% ready to accept any and all responsibility for the consequences if you do. Those consequences include, but are not limited to: death, dismemberment, medical problems, addiction, legal fines, jail time, and damnation.

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