Monday, December 20, 2010

Day 2: Something you love about yourself.

Ok, honestly this one is going to sound extremely odd in a way to some people but...

I LOVE how up-front, bold, and "in-your-face" I am.
I'll admit that this characteristic has gotten the best of me at times (can you say fired?) but still. This is one thing I absolutely love about myself.

It takes a person with real fire and guts to unabashedly say what they think to anyone without fear of the consequences.

I was lucky enough to be raised by a man that is very politically outspoken (on certain topics) as well as being very "set in his ways." I value knowing what you believe, and being willing to fight to the death when you have the facts to back it up. That being said - I also love that I am willing to not pick a fight and leave other persons in a tivy when I will not argue a point with them. I choose to believe what I believe. You are more than welcome to tell me what you believe and/or know to be true, however, that does not mean I will change my opinion. I will take into consideration what you share, and your research on any topic. But it's up to me to decide what I believe. You have no power over me. I have free agency.

Enough said.

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